Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Greetings!

Tallulah Mae encountered the Easter Bunny everywhere she went today. He was driving a tractor.
And sneaking up on her in her bed. He did not, however, leave her any tuna-filled Easter eggs. She'd like to file a complaint.

Hope all of you who celebrate/observe Easter had a nice one!


Andy's Attic said...

She looks like she would like to file a complaint!! Hope you had a good Easter, too.

Kathryn said...

She looks like "Why are you doing this to me?" Ha!
Happy Bunny Day to y'all too!

JuJu said...

I didn't know the Easter Bunny could drive a tractor. That stirs up many strange thoughts in my head.

Give that dog some tuna. She doesn't get enough love, I can just tell! :-)

Colleen said...

She has certainly mastered the "My Mom Makes Me Do Things I'm Going To Look Absolutely Foolish In" look.
How do they learn these expressions?

Happy day after Easter to you!

The dog wants a snack....give the dog a snack.