Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bird Drama

I saw this little bird on the sidewalk, head under wing, breathing very shallowly. There was no sign of blood, feathers, carnage...but oh dear. I had Tallulah, so we kept walking; I figured I'd circle back and see if it was still there on the ground. It was. Starting to really worry now...

I went home, looked up what to do with a sick or injured bird (I went to the Project Wildlife website, the very same place I blogged about yesterday). Instructions were to place it in a box, in a towel, and bring it to their facility. I punched a million air holes in a shoebox, grabbed a dish towel, and set off. The bird was still on the sidewalk, still breathing, still with head under wing.

As I tried to wrap the towel around it, it woke up, startled, and fluttered about 2 feet away. I tried again, it flew a few feet. We did this dance three times, and I decided it was actually just fine. I heard a lot of twittering in the tree above, so my final conclusion--confirmed by the Project Wildlife folks--is that this is a fledgling, just learning to fly; the parents were probably in the tree above, watching out for Junior.

Learning to fly is exhausting (obviously!), so this little dude or dudette was just having a little rest. In future, I'd like to have a talk with him and tell him that I'm not sure the sidewalk is a best place for sleepies, but hey. No sign of the bird when I swung back by about 15 minutes later (yes, I am obsessed, why do you ask?). All's well that ends well!


JuJu said...

When you have that talk with the bird, can you please lecture him about scaring the absolute bejesus out of you and worrying your readers?

It must be a teenager bird.

(but, I'm so glad this story had a happy ending, and SO glad you're the type of person who cares.)

Robin said...

I just posted this and got an error. let me try again. so, i love the longer post you have here. your posts are usually very concise. so glad your little fledgling find is fine!

Kathryn said...

Oh My! I went through this with a robin fledgling once! Put it in the house (thinking that it was hurt) and the thing would not stop squawking! So I put it back outside under a big bush. Told myself that "what will be, will be". Turned out fine.
I have, however, taken very young birds, who have fallen out of nests, to a shelter.
So, yes. I certainly get the feeling of the drama you had!!!
Bless you!