Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wildlife Baby Shower

On Saturday I went to a baby shower--an event for the babies at Project Wildlife, a wonderful nonprofit wildlife rescue organization. A busy time of year for them, since spring means lots of animal babies of all varieties. They had many cages--and some incubators--filled with baby birds. The teensy hummingbirds above--and there are two of them in that nest--were rescued after trees were trimmed and this nest was displaced (trees shouldn't be trimmed in spring and summer for this very reason, by the way). They have to be fed every ten minutes.
This is a clutch of baby SKWERLS--check out their teeny-tiny skinny tails. There are about six of them in that little pocket, all nestled together (awwww).
The animals in cages are "Wildlife Ambassadors." These guys and gals are not able to be returned to the wild for a variety of reasons, so they are used for educational purposes. Mr. Raccoon...
And Señor SKWERL!!!! Look how cute--he looks as if he's ready for a jail break.
This woodpecker is missing the top part of her beak, so she is fed by hand. She can still sort of peck, though--they've inserted peanuts and acorns into a cork grid for her to peck at.
And a raven who apparently responds to her keeper's greeting. Crows and ravens are members of the corvus genus, and both are quite smart (and yes, annoying at times!).

Such a great organization full of selfless people who take care of those who can't take care of themselves. Yay!


shari said...

awwww, cute! i think baby animals..ANY baby animals are adorable! but those humming birds! so exquisitely tiny!!

JuJu said...

Whatever you do, do NOT show this post to Tallulah Mae. I cannot show it to Rockett either, as she will try to devour those babies and Senior S.

What a neat event for you!

Kathryn said...

I LOVE this! How many animals have I nursed and worried after? Years worth. So glad there are folks that do this! Thanks for this!