Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Austin, Day 2

 This is apparently by an artist named Daniel Johnston (this is near the University of Texas campus).
 The state capitol dome against a dramatic sky.
 The Cathedral of Junk.
 This gives some context. You can tour it if you call in advance, which we did not, alas.
 Amy's ice cream, a local business--and of course we sampled it!--part of a little shopping complex housed in an old motel.
 The Congress Street bats--impossible to photograph, but trust me, there were hundreds of thousands of them flying out from beneath the bridge and over the water. Sooo cool!
 And more cool signage.Austin is FULL of marvelous neon signs, both old and new. We passed a store/gallery that had in their window the coolest neon: a mason jar full of lightning bugs.

We went to a concert here. We came in on the tail end of a set by Junior Brown, (this link has music when you land on the website), one of our faves, then we listened to the country stylings of Heybale!. Tiny club, cold beer, lots of folks dancing up front...and it was charming to see people ask complete strangers to dance.

Great fun was had by all...


Andy's Attic said...

Maybe the title of the first picture should be "How hi are you??" What great signs and places. I now want to visit there.

JuJu said...

It looks like you guys had a great time~! Did anyone ask you to dance, and did you??

Did you take TM with you?

Anonymous said...


for more about the great Daniel Johnston. And yes, someone did ask her to dance and yes, she did. Not with a stranger tho. :-)