Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Round Top, Day Two

 Day Two was spent in Warrenton--really, it's all just on one stretch of road. Lots of Christmas stuff here. Lots of wildly overpriced Christmas stuff here...

 I collect these crazy Santas and elves...but not at $29 apiece.

 Fake body parts...what the heck is up with those faces below? Note the weird hole at the upper lip. CPR dummies?
 A chicken sign I truly adore...this thing was BIG!
 One of the buildings in Warrenton--cute sign made out of bottle caps.
 Royer's Round Top Cafe is THE famous place to eat in Round Top; they're known for their pie and comfort food. This was an outpost at Zapp Hall in Warrenton. I had a yummy pasta salad--I mean, really yummy, full of my fave, cilantro that came with potato salad  and beans (carbs much?); B. had some sort of pork sandwich, I think. And that is a single serving of buttermilk pie. Which was thoroughly underwhelming, alas. I'm not dissing Royer's--the food was quite delish, and I think the experience at the real cafe is probably super fun--and maybe it was an off day for pie? I'm a tough pie critic since my Grandma Betty and my mom were/are outstanding bakers of pies. (The red tint is due to the red tent--a red tent tint, ha!--under which we were sitting.)
We walked more on Day Two than any other day, I think (and it was H.O.T.!), but fewer pix, for some reason...Onward!


JuJu said...

Must have that chicken sign. BWAHK!

Andy's Attic said...

$29 for the little santas and elves. Who would pay that??? Love the chicken sign!