Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Round Top, Day Four

{BLOGGER! DRIVING ME CRAZY!} Above, the Carmine (pronounced "Car-meen" Dance Hall. More antiques. 
Also above: Lunch, sold by the {German name} supporters of preserving the dance hall. Once again, I had beans and potatoes. And pie. Chess pie, this time. Pretty yum.
I can't seem to put text anywhere but here--argh! 

Below: a sawmill...who knew they still existed?

 Lickskillet Days (?!) in Fayetteville. Fun fact: we were in Fayette County, which shares a name with the county in which Lexington, Kentucky, is located--my hometown!
 More cool signage...
 The Fayetteville Courthouse (I think)...note the "air conditioning" provided by the building being up on blocks; we saw many buildings with that feature.
 It was indeed a general store...we bought ice cream. Of course.
Rusty tractors, always a good photo op!

Last day in this part of Texas...


Colleen said...

Thanks for the great photos!

Blogger has driven me crazy since I started! I found the only way to get around it centering the writing was to write first and than add the pictures...slowly, one at a time. As for centering the pictures when I add them later...good luck! Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't! I kind of like your staggered look.

JuJu said...

So, I wonder how they got the name of this county? Did someone actually lick the skillet?

And, I have to let you know I'm going to a wedding in Eastern Kentucky in November. I will think of you as I drive through your state!

shari said...

blogger DOES seem to have a mind of it's own, doesn't it?! sharing your frustration. and enjoying your photos. what a fun time in Texas!