Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas: The End

 Cows! Lots of them...
 Including a cow-raffe...check out the giant black cow on the right. She too caused us to do a U-turn--B. thought it was a statue the first time. Turns out she is a Brangus (Brahmin/Angus hybrid). These pix don't do her size justice...
 Baby cow...awww (giving me the stink eye!).
 The bull, really giving me the stink eye! I did not get too close for obvious reasons!
 This was their backdrop...
 A dark photo, but it shows cows with accompanying cattle egret. We saw lots and lots of them.
 A cute dog.
 Meet Holmes and Watson, a wolfhound and small terrier duo. Darling.
 This shih-tzu is having its hair blown back by a fan, just like a supermodel. And goats!!! No comment, just GOATS!!!

And lastly: how long has it been since you've stayed in a hotel/motel where they still but the "sanitized" paper across the toilet? Quaint!

Thus ends the Texas road trip. Loads of fun had by all!


Colleen said...

I love falling down barns! And cows!

Robin said...

Mooooooooo! Loved all the cows, dogs, and egrets!

JuJu said...

Did you have to pay for the TV in that hotel room? :-)

I enjoyed your trip to Texas!

JuJu said...

oh man oh man.

I heard this guy today on my Pandora station and had to tell you about him. I thought being a cellist, you would appreciate him?