Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deep in the Heart of Texas: Round Top, Day Three

 We began the day with a visit to this Masonic cemetery, dating from 1853. Lots of Civil War soldiers buried here--Confederate soldiers, mostly.
 I love old peaceful.
 Lots of tombstones with hands...

 And as always in old cemeteries, quite a few graves of babies or small children.
 Next we took a tour of the Blue Bell ice cream factory. Love factory tours, love ice cream--a win-win! They gave each of us a big old scoop at the end of the tour.

On to Marburger Farm, one of the venues for which the Round Top Antique Fair is most famous. A nice show...all under tents, and well organized. {Blogger, WHY won't you let me center this photo?!}

 I loved this sign (painted metal)...hard to get home on the plane, though...
And a pimento cheese sandwich, another of my favorite things (and you NEVER find home-made pimento cheese in Southern California). Yum!


Andy's Attic said...

Loveing your tour of Texas. My mom used to make pimento and cheese sandwiches and I loved them as well!!

Anonymous said...

Foziewisp's Texas readers will forgive her for not mentioning that Charles Edward Travis, the son of Colonel Travis, is likewise buried in Brenham's Masonic cemetery, next to his sister.Colonel Travis implored his Masonic brothers to see to his son's care should the Colonel not survive the Battle of the Alamo--and they did. --B

Robin said...

I make really good pimento cheese spread for sammies. Must make some one day and we'll have lunch! It's actually really easy. :o)