Monday, March 9, 2009

50 and 500

Yes, it's Barbie's 50th birthday today; she's only a few years older than me! This is actually one of my very own Barbies. Now that I look at her, I see a resemblance: I also have blue eyes, brown shoulder-length hair, bangs; I wonder if she needs to hide her greys, too? Hmm... I always loved the accessories--I still have all of the shoes, hangers, and these goodies. Love the fur-covered bathroom scale. Let's take a closer look, shall we? Barbie weighs...110 pounds--there's the difference; I haven't weighed that since I was about 10 years old! This case is filled with Barbies, Skippers, Francies, and a Scooter (she came with her own skateboard, long before skateboards were cool!), as well as their clothes; my mom actually made some of them...tiny little stitches, snaps, etc. Hours of fun were had with these dolls--I think they encouraged my creativity as I made up whole stories and lives for them to lead.
Happy Birthday, Barbie!!!
(The 500 in the title of this post refers to my having posted 500


vivi said...

Oh, My!! How can Barbie be 50 when that is my age? They were lots of fun and you took such good care of them!! HB Barbie. (Don't think I would be purchasing them now because of the tatoo!) Love and kisses!!!!

Robin said...

congrats on 500!!! Woo hoo! And what a great collection! Never get rid of them! I want to see them someday.