Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knitsmet (Knitting Plus Kismet)

Miss Robin and I were sitting at Rebecca's coffeehouse enjoying a scone; she was embroidering and I was knitting. When I pulled out my knitting, the man sitting opposite us says, "I'm a knitter too!" and proceeds to pull out of his backpack about 7 different WIPs (works in progress, dontcha know). Wow--we're well and truly impressed. Then he says that he has a stash of yarn that he's selling, cheap--it had belonged to his landlady's sister, or some such--are we interested? Um, we finish our scones and coffee and go to his house, a few blocks away (this was all perfectly safe, by the way: he sits and knits at the shop across the street, and I know the woman who works there, who knows him, plus the vibe from him was fine, blah blah blah. Plus there were two of us and one of him!). He was a very nice older man: cat owner, knitter, drinker of coffee and eater of scones...what's not to like?

He first pulled out some not-so-interesting yarn, then my eyes lit up: up there you see a half-pound of natural, undyed alpaca (price tag attached: $22.00); 3 skeins of Silky Wool (about $7.50 per skein); and 6 balls of cotton/linen yarn (about $6.50 per ball). I know it's a bit tacky to be talking prices, but in this case I mention them because all of this lovely, luscious, luxurious fiber cost me $9.00! I know!!!!! (Happy dance. And thanks to Robin for nudging me along to go check it out.)

Knitting plus kismet = knitsmet!

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