Monday, March 2, 2009

Week of Handmade: I

First off, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! He was born 105 years ago today. I thought this plant looks rather Seussian (I think it's some sort of bromeliad.)

Next up: a little sachet I made out of vintage fabric for someone else's birthday (not Dr. Seuss, obviously); it's filled with yummy lavender. When I started this blog, I'd hoped to focus some of the posts on things I'd crafted, because I'm so often inspired by all of the incredibly talented crafters out there in the blogosphere. I'd hoped that by blogging about things I'd made, I'd be pushed to actually MAKE things, ya know? So, this week I plan to show a few things I've made recently.

1 comment:

Robin said...

you go girl! i love that darling swiss-inspired fabric! i have my heart that you made hanging on my night lamp. it heats up as i read, then i take it off and lay it on my chest, felt side down, for the warmth and lavender scent... it's really been a wonderful little night time ritual - like a little sweet smelling heating pad.