Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mushroom Nerd

Fun Fact: In addition to being an enthusiastic bird geek (remember, always meant in the very best way!), I'm also a bit of a mushroom nerd. While I know a tiny amount about birds, I cheerfully admit to knowing absolutely nothing about 'shrooms. Aren't they cool, though?

Fun Fact #2: Miss Tallulah Mae has, twice, eaten mushrooms from our backyard--and twice, she had to go to the doggie emergency hospital to, in essence, have her stomach pumped. Good times.
These images were taken at the delightfully low-tech San Diego Mycological Society Mushroom Fair. Cute little tableau above, yes?
It's a bit unfortunate that, from the back, this little mushroom picker appears to be flashing his...hmm...toadstool, perhaps?

1 comment:

Robin said...

Oh my nerdy little friend, what type of hat is donned by 'shroom nerds? I see you in the bird nerd hat in my mind, but what of this one? Perhaps it's dome-like, like a 'shroom. Weeeeeeeee!