Monday, January 17, 2011

A Cuppa with My Best Bloke

B. and I went for tea at Shakespeare's Tea Shoppe last week. His mother is British, so we take these sorts of teas with a grain of salt, as it were--his mum is always saying that most Brits would not recognize what is served as "tea" (the repast, not the beverage) in this country. But no matter...

The little sandwiches were yum (served with Branson pickle), and mine were all vegetarian, which I appreciated. The scones were absolute perfection (most American scones are just not right--too big, too cake like, not enough of that light, almost biscuity texture). The sweets, not so great, but a fun time was certainly had by all.
God Save the Queen!


JuJu said...

The cups and saucers are so pretty! My grandmother collected those while alive, and I have them now.

Where is B.'s mother from? Steven is from Norwich.


The professor was also an excellent lidingst.

Anonymous said...

Hi, JuJu--

My mother was born in Grantham and raised in Nottingham. Needless to say, King Arthur, Ivanhoe, and Robin Hood were very big deals in my household!



Victoria's Secret sells a lot of tatedi(s) ... or would like to.

Robin said...