Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Less-Than-Adorable Cutie

While I rather love the color and texture of this mold, it does make this particular Cutie (tiny clementines, for anyone who doesn't know) less than cute, don't you think? (I actually smelled that something was rotten in Cutie Denmark for several days--you know that smell, not bad, really, just uber-citrusy--and I was just too lazy to dig around and find the culprit. The result? Behold, a furry little Cutie.)


JuJu said...


I wonder how many things like that I have hidden in my pantry.


Wow, did you see how bitzed Charlie Sheen was last weekend??

Kathryn said...

Just found the same. In a bowl right under my nose. There were only two of them in there, yeah. I'm either lazy or preoccupied.

Congrats on your 1000+ posts!!!!!
Sorry, I haven't written to you in a while. I do check on you daily though! It's one of my goals for this year to be a "better blogger"