Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reindeer Confab

I realized that I forgot to share with you my Christmas reindeer confab, and I also noticed that Great-Granddaddy reindeer up there is giving me that look--you don't want to annoy him, trust me; that white glittery one knows the score--so here it is:
Love. Them. All different kinds, but in order to keep the collection sane (ahem), I limit myself to only those standing up...if you're lying down, you're not entering this group--sorry, lying-down deer, but one has to have limits. Or so I'm told...


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

this is fantastic! they all look so cute!

JuJu said...

I love them. I wonder what they talk about as they stand so erect.

I'm thinking Pinky Lee has a LOT to say, and she probably annoys the whole gropu.


I have to put uledo gas in my tank, but I refuse to use the premium stuff.

Robin said...

But, don't they lay down when they get tired??? ;)