Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deliciousness, Times Two

This was my New Year's Eve dessert: salted caramel pot de creme. Although it doesn't look like much in this photo, it was unbelievably yummy--sadly, after three other courses, I was too full to eat every last bit of it (but I ate most of it!). Dinner was at my current favorite restaurant, Urban Solace.
This is a savory cake filled with sweet potatoes and dandelion greens. It had the consistency of a loaf cake...served with a green salad for dinner. OMG: Yum. (Made by B., BTW, not me...he's the resident chef!)


JuJu said...

Please send me samples of both? Doubles of the dessert if you will.

And, what kind of shenanigans were we up to? I hope it was wild and crazzzzzzzzzzzy. (ala Steve Martin!)


I hated studying nonymals in math.

NancyPants said...

My absolute favorite San Diego restaurant - I so wanted to have my wedding reception or rehearsal dinner there! Happy New Year!