Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Million Kinds of Awesomeness

This photo shows a truly awesome gift: a pair of plastic salt and pepper shakers. Cool in and of themselves (we actually collect midcentury plastic things). But check it out:
That, my friends, is Loretta Lynn's signature!!!!! Oh, yeah. In Sharpie, on a pair of plastic S&P shakers, the autograph of the Coal Miner's Daughter. Way, way cool, yes?

They were given to me by my very sweet and wonderful friend who purchased them on the spot at Loretta's "ranch" in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. My friend is a fabulous storyteller, and the tale behind the getting of these beauties is quite a tale indeed--handmade Loretta Lynn fan T-shirts are involved, for one thing. Alas, she did not witness Loretty actually wielding the pen, but she did get to see her perform. Ah, if only I could have been there...but I got the next-best thing: Loretta Lynn's signature on some plastic salt and pepper shakers! Am I lucky or what! (Thanks a million for being so awesome, Laura!)


JuJu said...

"...I'm proud to own Loretta Lynn's salt shakers..." (sung to the tune of Coal Miner's Daughter)
So cool! I bet they make the food taste even better!!


If you go see Loretta, be sure to stop in Memphea, Tennessee!

Robin said...