Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kitchen Poetry: Day Four

Ah, love affair with them began, innocently enough, with the Hostess CupCake {have you noticed, by the way [said in a Seinfeld voice], how much smaller they are now? I mean, I know things seem larger when you're a kid, but come on!}. {Another aside: due to an optical illusion, it looks as if I'm using about a two-foot-long whisk...that would be comical, but no...}

As an adult, I developed a powerful addiction to the chocolate truffle cupcakes from Mani's, a bakery in L.A. I'm actually quite picky about my cupcakes: they are too often way too sweet, and often too much about the frosting rather than a really tasty cake.

These are really good ones; I found the recipe on Super Eggplant's blog back in February of 2006. The cake is quite moist and really tasty (it has sour cream or plain yogurt in it), and then you top it off with a delicious chocolate ganache frosting. Give them a try--you'll be glad you did!


Joy said...

laughing at your seinfeld voice.

I am pretty picky about cupcakes too. Not to sweet, not to bland. Definitely chocolate.

a said...

Hello kitchen poetry friend:) ok cupcakes are a weekness for me, they rate right up there with coconut layer cake. I love your kitchen photos! & am glad to meet you!

Robin said...

OK, so maybe one of those will still be available tomorrow for a good friend? I'm a'hopin'! They look so good, especially the 2 foot whisk! So funny! :-)

Cele said...

They sound delicious.