Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Winter sunsets...

Kute Kate the Kat...she lives with Miss Robin. Here she looks ever so slightly disgruntled because she was being confined to one room temporarily. Check out that girl's whiskers!Flying Porta-Potties... wheeeee!!!Random dogs. This one had spectacular doggy eyebrows, which you can't really see here. "Help, the ivy ate my mailbox" (said in Meryl Streep Australian accent). And getting to meet--unabashed name dropping ahead, be warned--Joyce Carol Oates and hear her read... it's so marvelous (due to my beloved university librarian spouse) to be able to experience the fruits of modern culture. We have had dinner with Salman Rushdie (told you there was name dropping in store!); attended a reception with Philip Glass; and got to shake Ravi Shankar's hand (B. did, anyway). It's not only exciting to get to meet these folks and experience what I have dubbed "brushes with greatness," but we get to hear these authors' writing read in their own voices or hear a composer's latest music being premiered. I feel quite privileged...and I smile.

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