Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Things I Made

I made a series of what I call "gift pots" out of peat pots and vintage images--my idea was that you could fill these with excelsior or pretty shredded paper and then give someone a gift without having to wrap it ... I made this medium size and then smaller ones as well. I think they're pretty cute! (Argh!!! WHY does Blogger sometimes insert photos sideways????) These are examples of the smaller size... yay, glitter! I also made some cards... lots of cards, actually. These are little gift card holders so you can stick that Borders or Target card into something cute and vintage. And these little embroidery hoop thingys...I thought the three of them go together nicely, perhaps in a child's room? They were super fun to do, and I loved finding the perfect bits of vintage lace to add to them. And here is everything displayed for sale at our first-ever neighborhood craft sale last weekend. It was fun; I sold a few things, which made me happy!

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Anonymous said...

Sherri I love your embroidery hoops, they are so sweet. The elephant one is ADORABLE I love it, what a wonderful little surprise. Your idea for the peat pots are fantastic. They are really easy to paint, inexpensive and best of all I am sure they take images really well, brilliant. Glad to hear you and Robin did well and had so much fun!!